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CRP Services Overview

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Course Number: 102
Course Section: 2
Course Title CRP Services Overview
Course Subject: Employment Services and Supports
Course Description: The Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP) Services Overview is part of the CRP Services course series. This module provides a foundation, sets the stage for the rest of the CRP series modules, and provides an overview regarding the core services offered by the Bureau of Rehabilitation Services to assist job seekers with access to employment. The topics in this module include:

• The History of Vocational Rehabilitation
• Ethics
• CRP Services
• Informed Choice
• Roles & Responsibilities
• Resources
• Review

The CRP Services Overview module is intended for use by Job Seekers, Bureau of Rehabilitation Services (BRS) Staff and Community Rehabilitation Provider (CRP) agencies. The module includes audio narration and certificate of completion.
Course Start Date: December 30, 2020
Timeframe to Complete: 90 Days