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Putting it all Together

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Course Number: 22
Course Section: 1
Course Title Putting it all Together
Course Subject: EPIC: Soft Skills Training
Course Description: Putting it all Together reviews the importance of soft skills and present course highlights. At the end of the lesson the learner will receive a certificate of completion.

The EPIC On-Line Soft Skills Courses are six self-paced sessions for young adults who want to work. They can help people of any age and those with hidden and/or visible disabilities learn about soft skills to find and keep a job. The learner can take one or all of the EPIC soft skills training courses as needed. All EPIC courses include self-correcting tests and journal exercises. The lessons can be heard and read and materials can be printed for future study.
Course Start Date: December 27, 2012
Registration Start Date: December 27, 2012
Timeframe to Complete: 90 Days