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Getting To Know Yourself

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Course Number: 23
Course Section: 2
Course Title Getting To Know Yourself
Course Subject: EPIC: Employment Readiness for Job Seekers
Course Description: Getting to Know Yourself guides the job seeker through activities that identify interests, skills, and abilities. It will help the job seeker build self confidence and develop a personal support system. As a result of this course, the job seeker will be able to identify interests and strengths. He or she will identify fears and barriers to employment and plan ways to address them.

EPIC for Job Seekers is a series of eight self-paced courses for adults who want to work and need support. It is for job seekers with barriers such as hidden disabilities or lack of a job history. All lessons list community resources and include self-correcting tests. They can be heard and read and may be printed for future study. Learners may take one or all of the EPIC for Job Seeker courses depending on their needs.
Course Start Date: December 27, 2012
Registration Start Date: December 27, 2012
Timeframe to Complete: 90 Days